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Memorial Pet Portraits

Nothing is more comforting than having a picture of your beloved pet companion in a peaceful, heavenly surrounding.  FineMemorialUrns.com will help you create a beautiful memorial portrait of [..]

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Silent Heroes

Dog rescue is an important issue and hot topic in today’s society.   Because of this I often wonder if we forgotten that our survival once depended upon dogs?   [..]

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A Dog Loves Water Bottles

One water bottle turns my dog into a clown.  She runs through the house tossing and chasing the bottle. After the chase is over she chews off the lid and tears up thepaper.  She then [..]

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Not All Heroes Where Capes

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Puppy Mills

If you love the breed, stop them from becoming prisoners of greed! Since I have such a love and respect for animals I felt the need to share [..]

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The Little Nag

Clocks, they are everywhere, on my wall, my phone, my computer and my wrist.  I know what time it is however; at 4:45 in the evening I hear [..]

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The Animal Lover

Some people have a unique love for animals.  While growing up I always wondered why my sister had such a great empathy for all animals.  Even after she [..]

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The Faithful Ones

Out pets friends who never speak a word but communicate volumes. They are wise beyond their means to be. They will never stroke our ego just love us [..]

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Pets Are Good For Your Health

Many pet owners know that being around their pet makes them feel better.  Pets not only make us feel better but improve our health. It only takes a [..]

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