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Physical Benefits Of Laughter

Its been a long stressful 12 hour day for you and your associates.  Suddenly, without warning it happens, spread by human contact, it effects all those around you moving [..]

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Heroes Around Us

It is so easy to focus on all the violence, destructiveness humanity is doing. Even though this makes a resounding impact on our lives we must not over [..]

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Over Looked Heroes

        We over look the everyday hero.  The mom and dad who tirelessly works to provide for their children.  The teacher who strives to educate [..]

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Get 10% off all pet memorial products this April.

Get 10% off all pet memorial products this April.  Please use Code PM10.  Promotion ends May 1, 2013.  Here are some great products. Photo Series Heart Pet Cremation [..]

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What Would I Give

FineMemorialUrns.com is offering $5.00 off on Compositions.  Please use coupon code CAP5. Memoralize a person, their life, their love with a beautiful composition.   Working with the artist, you now [..]

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Why I Sell Urns

I was recently asked why I started a memorial site selling urns.  I had to think about it  for   while. Then I remembered the week after my fathers [..]

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Beautiful Life-like Sculptured Pet Urns.

On my website FineMemorialUrns.com one of my favorite pet urns are the award-winning Shadow Cast urns.  Life like pet sculptures that can be customized to look like your pet. [..]

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Being With You

If your could ask your dog what it loves to do. Your dog would reply, “Being with you.”   If your could ask your dog what it loves [..]

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Making Memories

Creating a beautiful memory of your loved one is something you can do anytime your together.  This Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to create and preserve a [..]

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