About The Author

Hello, my name is Deborah.  I would like to share a little about myself.  I am a wife of twenty eight years and mother of three grown children.  I’ve been blessed with eight grandchildren and a standard schnauzer puppy.  They keeps me extremely busy.

I have professional experience in many fields of work.  I drove school bus while I home schooled my children.  After that I obtained my medical transcription certification.  I then went in to  finance and was very happy until the economy went down.  Being ever so resilient, I started a web business finememorialurns.com.

I loved photography, scrap booking, video editing and making jewelry.  My greatest joy is to share my work with others.

When my dad became sick with leukemia in 2010, I felt a strong need to educate myself on death and mourning.  I read many books.  Listen to many radio programs and did researched on the web.

My father passed away and it was my time to grieve.  I went through the five steps of grieving and helped my family recognize and go through them as well.  Soon I found myself giving comfort to many friends while they were grieving.

I would like to extend that comfort to my readers and encourage my readers to share their loss and memories of their loved one.  If you have any words of comfort I encourage you to post them as well.



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