Laughter Is The Best Tranquilizer


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Physical Benefits Of Laughter


Its been a long stressful 12 hour day for you and your associates.  Suddenly, without warning it happens, spread by human contact, it effects all those around you moving from person to person.  You began to feel shortness of breath, you gasp for air.  The harder you try, the more uncontrollable it becomes and you succumb to it, allowing it to take over.  Tears roll out of your eyes, people are holding their bellies, some bury their faces into their hands.  Loud laughter erupts in the room.

Laughter is your bodies natural defense against stress.  Chances are uncontrollable laughter has happened to you or you have witnessed it happen.  We see examples of this every so often when a news anchor person break down and his associates have to finish the broadcast without them.

Laughter plays a vital role in our physical health.  Laughter makes you feel good and the benefits of laughter last hours after the laugh subsides.  Physically laughter will help boosts your immunity, it lowers stress hormones, relaxes your muscles, decreases pain and helps prevent heart disease.

Dr. Michael Miller cardiologist, researcher of the University of Maryland, says that stress over time effects our blood vessels which eventual leads to hardening of the arteries.   Dr. Miller’s theory, is stress and positive emotions such as laughter works as opposites.  Stress tightens our arteries while laughter opens them.

A man name Norman Cousins knew the healing benefits of laughter.  Norman was a remarkable statesman in his time.  He worked with President Kennedy and helped negotiate the Nuclear Test Ban.  Norman Cousins was so important in his day that he could pick up a phone and speak to the pope.

This stressful work took a heavy toll on his body and he developed ankylosing spondylitis.  A painful chronic inflammatory disease that effects the joints and connective tissues of the body.  He was told he had little chance of surviving this deteriorating disease.

Having received the grim diagnosis, Normand Cousins developed his own recovery program.  He incorporated high doses of vitamin C along with a positive attitude consisting of love, faith, hope and laughter.

Using films made by the Marx Brothers and Allen Hunt’s TV show Candid Camera, Normand discovered that after 10 minutes of belle laughter he could get 30 minutes of pain-free sleep.  After 3 months Normand Cousins believed he was a cured man.  Norman continued to live another 26 years without any other painful episodes from this disease.

Even though decades have passed since Normand Cousins wrote the book called,, “ Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing,” researchers are now taking the medicable benefits of laughter seriously.

Doctor Mandan Katari was a world-famous family doctor.  He stopped practicing medicine to practice laughter because he believed it might be more beneficial.

As Dr. Mandan Katari says, “I stopped practicing as a medical doctor because I found that laughter is much more healing than traditional medicine.”

Many people know him as The Doctor of Laughter or the Guru of Giggles. I have included a video which explains Dr. Katari’s work and how he discovered the benefits of laughter.

 We need to be proactive in our therapy to counteract stress in our lives.  So if you believe laughter is the best medicine then laugh as if you life depends on it.

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The Bonds Of Laughter.

baffin island peopleImagine, that you live in an environment where half of the year you live in freezing temperatures and total darkness.  You and your entire family survival depends on the bond you have with your tribe.

For thousands of years the Inuit people of Baffin Island have lived this way. They have learned that laughing is the best way to bond and having strong bonds means the survival of the tribe.

Tribal chiefs or the family patriarch’s use laughter to create a more receptive environment amongst their subordinates.  They know the more laughter the more bonding occurs thus controlling the emotional environment of the group makes the whole group more agreeable to each other and the task at hand.

How do we benefit from social laughter?  From previous examples we know that laughter strengthens our relationships and creates team work.

Laughter draws you to it.  Having a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive attributes a person can have.  Laughing communicates to people that you are well adjusted and able to cope with problems in life in a positive way.

Unknowingly, we gravitate to people who laugh.  We all love the extra charge of energy we feel after a good laugh.  Would it be a surprise to know the people who laugh are the most popular in a social setting?  Laughing makes you look good.  How many times have you heard a smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear?

Another wonderful saying is, “laughter is like a good medicine.”  Laughter has the ability to bring your mind into focus, body into balance and place you in a good mood.  A neuroscience discovered nothing stimulates the brain as fast as hearing laughter.

The Inuit people believe their traditions of laughter was the key to their survival.  An Inuit child is taught to play laughing games.  The Inuit traditional laughing games stretch back thousands of years. When the community gathers they play these games. Inuit woman 2


One of these games are the Inuit Folk Music or Throat Sing.  Throat sing is a complex rhythmic hums made in the throat that must be imitated by the competitor to.  Beings it is very hard to describe I have included a short video clip of Inuit Throat Sing.

Many of recognize the Inuit game of trying not to laugh when someone is staring at you. This game is play with the entire tribe present which adds to the fun. These people believe the “white culture” is to serious and as one Inuit woman states, “Being too serious is not good for you, you are not going to survive.”

These hardy people teach us that we need to laugh. So the next time you are with family and friends laugh and don’t stop.

I love to surround myself with things that make me laugh.  I got such a charge out of this video I had to watch it over and over.  Tell me how many times you had to watch this.

Don’t Honk At Granny

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Family Orbs

Orb is located at the upper left side of picture.

Orb is located at the upper left side of picture.

A little chill went down my spine when I saw the orb in a photo I took of my grand daughters last Christmas. It is one of my favorite pictures and I looked at it many times but I never seen the orb until now.

Mary Ann Winkowski, a person that has seen and worked with ghost since she was 4 years old, says orbs are just family members who have passed over.  The non-scary kind of spirit. These are the ones who have gone to the other side and just drop by from time to time to see how their loved ones are doing.  The scary kind of ghost are the ones who have decided to stay earth-bound.  They do not manifest as orbs.  Mary Ann Winkowski says our family, who are in Spirit, always attend family gatherings so it is very likely you will capture orbs in the pictures you take.

I used to get upset when I would find a spot in my picture and wonder why I didn’t see the spot at the time of taking the pictures or why I didn’t clean my lens.  It was later I discovered the spots could be orbs.

So what is the difference between a dust spot or an orb?  Mary Ann Winkowski explains that an orb has a design in it, while dust has nothing in it.  I wasn’t so sure of that so I went searching for orb pictures on the internet.  I found orbs with designs and ones without.   They both look pretty convincing to me but I am no expert.

I became curious about the “spots” I had seen in my pictures so I went and checked them out.  I found orbs all over them and amazingly only in family gatherings.  I also found that the first picture I would take would have an orb and the second wouldn’t.  One set of pictures really surprised me. It was a generational picture of my husband’s family.  One picture showed a bunch of orbs but not in the other.  Did the past generations of the Schaub family show up?  It wouldn’t surprise me, the land we live on has been in the family for the last 3 generations.

It was fun looking for orbs in old family pictures.  Below are some of the pictures I found that had orbs.  I have also included some orb pictures I found on the internet.

Look through your family photos see if you can find some orbs.  I bet you will.


My husband and his family. The orbs are in the window behind them.

My husband and his family. The orbs are in the window behind them.

Me and my at the Civil Air Patrol awards.

Me and my at the Civil Air Patrol awards.

The pictures were taken in an old University.

The pictures were taken in an old University.


Christmas dinner with family.  This is my husband and myself. The orbs are on Larry's shirt.

Christmas dinner with family. This is my husband and myself.
The orbs are on Larry’s shirt.



Orb up close.  Taken off the internet.

Orb up close. Taken off the internet.


For fun I have included a talk by Joshua P Warren on orbs.

Here is the website for Mary Ann Winkowski.

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Self Harm


“ Went to the beach the other day, for the first time since I was a child, I didn’t wear shorts or anything to cover up, this is a massive deal for me, I hate my body even without the scars, I believe I am fat and disgusting but, I pushed through the major anxiety, shaking and almost crying and made it to the water. Its a big deal, I did it. This took a whole lot of courage to post..”  Facebook post, author unknown.

self mutalation

My heart aches for this beautiful young woman who mutilates her body.  Her mental and emotional pain causes her to do this to herself.   Normally, she would hide the cuts and scars on her body likes she hides her pain.  Exposing herself demonstrates the desire to stop hiding from her pain and start dealing with it.  One by one she will bravely face her fears and her pain as a result her self-mutilation will stop.

Many of us do not cut ourselves; however, we have other vices we use.  Many, myself included, use food to comfort and numb our mental and emotional pain. My mother escaped through love novels.  For hours on end my husband’s brother-in-law is on Play Station, neglecting his wife and family in an attempt to block out life’s disappointments and frustrations.

Self harm is pain expressing itself.  Undiagnosed depression and anxiety are often the causes for this harmful behavior.  Seek professional help.  Self harm is a mental illness.  Statistic show 40 to 60% of suicide victims practice self harm.  A good therapist will help teach you how to recognize your triggers and give you the needed skills to deal with the problems as they arise.

If you are unable to afford a therapist there are many wonderful self-help books which address the problems you have.  Journaling is a wonderful tool to help you recognize what is bothering you and what triggers you.  Actualizing your pain through words instead of self harm.   Talking to a trusted friend or family member helps.  Seeking help from God through prayer and meditation.

If you self harm remember you are not alone. Trying to hide this problem won’t make it go away.   We all need each other so please seek help.

For more understand on self harm please see video below.




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Even Heroes Need A Hero


When work impacts the life of first responders where do they go, who helps them?  In the past Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was associated with military personal.  Now our society is recognizing the disorder in our first responders.

What is PTSD? Wikipedia sates, “PTSD is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.”  Although the symptoms of PTSD are numerous here are a few: difficulty is staying asleep, flash backs, avoidance of stimulus, anger, isolation, sense of a limited future and loss of interest in normal activities.

Our first responders seem larger than life, strong and brave not someone who would suffer from hellish visions they seen from past rescues.  They themselves have a hard time admitting they are suffering.   They don’t feel understood by family and friends so they begin to isolate themselves. Often self prescribing drugs.

So how do we help? Know the symptoms of PTSD and if you suspect your loved one is suffering from it get help immediately.  The sooner PTSD is confronted the easier it is to overcome it.

Look for a mental health professional who is trained in working with PTSD.  You can ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist with experience working with PTSD.

I love how this video demonstrates a hero helping a hero.

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Heroes Around Us

Boston Marathon-Explosions

It is so easy to focus on all the violence, destructiveness humanity is doing. Even though this makes a resounding impact on our lives we must not over look the many acts of selfless kindness, heroism, sacrifices and love that follows these acts.

Now more than ever we all need to shout out praise for those who are making a difference.  We need to get behind the first responders, the nurses, doctors and all those who extend a hand in compassion and love.

Instead of defining a hero as a singer, movie star or athlete let’s  us all redefine what a hero is.  Anyone who acts out of love.

Our pets are a perfect example of heroes around us.  No matter what circumstances our pets are in they are always looking out for us.  This video is a perfect demonstration of that.


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First Responders

Let’s send prayers up for our First Responders as they work tirelessly on this April 15, Boston’s Marathon disaster. first responders

Sharing Memories

Over Looked Heroes






We over look the everyday hero.  The mom and dad who tirelessly works to provide for their children.  The teacher who strives to educate the one child who has fallen behind.  The police officer who kisses his wife goodbye every morning not knowing what the day will bring.  The fireman who knowing the risk runs into burning buildings to rescue.  Our military men and women who fight for other people’s freedom that we take for granted.  The list of over looked heroes goes on and on.

Everyday heroes are all around us.  Their deeds, dedications, sacrifices and losses have created the life we live and who we are as Americans.  While it is important to extol praises upon those who make the greatest difference it is equally important to give continual thanks to our everyday heroes.
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Silent Heroes

What a beautiful world this would be. If people had hearts like dogs.

What a beautiful world this would be. If people had hearts like dogs.

Dog rescue is an important issue and hot topic in today’s society.   Because of this I often wonder if we forgotten that our survival once depended upon dogs?   They helped us hunt, guarded us, protect our live stock and overall been a wonderful companion.




Every once in a while we are allowed to re acquaint ourselves with how noble our canine companion is.

I wanted to share this very short but heart warming video with my readers.

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