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Not All Heroes Where Capes

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Being With You

If your could ask your dog what it loves to do. Your dog would reply, “Being with you.”   If your could ask your dog what it loves [..]

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The Little Nag

Clocks, they are everywhere, on my wall, my phone, my computer and my wrist.  I know what time it is however; at 4:45 in the evening I hear [..]

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The Animal Lover

Some people have a unique love for animals.  While growing up I always wondered why my sister had such a great empathy for all animals.  Even after she [..]

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One Man’s Love for His Pets

I was in a place of business the other day and noticed three pictures on the desk of a professional looking business man.  I asked him about the [..]

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Pets Are Good For Your Health

Many pet owners know that being around their pet makes them feel better.  Pets not only make us feel better but improve our health. It only takes a [..]

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