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What Would I Give is offering $5.00 off on Compositions.  Please use coupon code CAP5. Memoralize a person, their life, their love with a beautiful composition.   Working with the artist, you now [..]

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A Time To Grieve

  December 14, 2012 a day our Nation will never forget. I sat in stunned silence when I heard the news.  The excitement for my new work project [..]

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Great Sympathy

  We Will Never Forget Your Loss     Social Bookmarking

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The Last Kiss

This moment will never be forgotten. My dying father waited to for my daughter and I to bring his new great-grandson to him before he died. This was [..]

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Who is Behind the Camera

Have you ever noticed the person behind the camera rarely gets their picture taken?  It comes down to this, the person in the family that has the least [..]

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That Wasn’t So Hard

I went out into the country to do a photo-shoot for a ranching family.  The land has been in the family for 4 generations and they wanted to [..]

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Don’t Take My Picture

As a plus size woman, I must confess, I hate my picture being taken.  Even though I tell my clients, “You don’t take pictures for yourself but for [..]

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The Photographer

When you do go to a photography studio make sure your photographer takes time to get to know you and your family.  Photography is a business but most importantly [..]

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Death Bed Regrets

I have just came across a wonderful article written by Bonnie Ware called, “Regrets of the Dying.” That I would like to share with my readers. I do [..]

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Letting Go

Your heart is bursting, searing with pain That physical touch never to be had again You only let them go because you so clearly care          They might not [..]

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