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Christmas Scrapbook

I love receiving Christmas Cards with their cheery holiday messages and the once a year news letter. I especially like Christmas post cards. It is a wonderful way [..]

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Giving Back

In October of 2010, a charter boat captain Tom Satire and his family were out cruising when his daughter spotted 4 Sitka Black Tailed deer in the water. [..]

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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year but it is easy to get depressed. Depression can saps your energy and enthusiasm for the holidays. Here are a few things [..]

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How to Take a Crappy Picture

The easiest way to take a crappy picture is to cut everyone’s head off.  My mother has a shoe box full of these kind of pictures. Come on, [..]

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10 Tips to Help Grandma Take Holiday Pictures of Her Toddler.

It’s the Holidays, our homes are all lit brightly with the seasons decorations.  It is a great time to take pictures of your family.  Being a grandmother of [..]

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Missing Daddy

This picture reminds us that our Troupes are the ones who are making a great sacrifice.  Let’s support our troops and their families. Traci Wise: I found my son sitting [..]

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What The World Needs

Have you ever heard of the 1965 song, “What The World Needs Now ” by Jackie Deshannon. Scientific research has confirmed that fact. Scientist Paul Zak has studied [..]

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Mom’s Request

Creating beautiful memorials is very important to me.  Creating memorials is simply preserving today’s memories.  A few months ago my mom called me and asked me to offer [..]

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The Little Nag

Clocks, they are everywhere, on my wall, my phone, my computer and my wrist.  I know what time it is however; at 4:45 in the evening I hear [..]

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My Best Friend

What could be more wonderful than being five yrs old and having a big wonderful ranch to explore and live on. Having a dog to share it with. [..]

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