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The Skeleton Woman

  Once there was a fisherman who found a hidden cove with deep cold water. Excitedly, he though, ‘I have this cove all to myself,’ So he cast [..]

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3 Dog Safety Rules for Children

I love walking my standard schnauzer in the park. My dog loves all the smells and the change of scenery.  She also loves all the people she meets especially the children.  [..]

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Twitter’s New Amazon Cart

Life has just got easier! Twitter and Amazon have joined up with Amazon Cart. If you see a product on twitter you like, click on it. It will [..]

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Featured Artist, Steve Shannon

We are so happy to announce a new line of wood cremation urns, The Steve Shannon Collection. These beautiful segmented custom crafted cremation urns are exquisite with their [..]

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27 Short Videos That Will Make You Happy

Take a minute, or well, 7:09 to watch a video that will make you smile and show you how little things do make a difference. Social Bookmarking

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12 Ways to Make A Difference In Your Life and Others

The Starfish Story A young man is walking along the ocean and sees a beach on which thousands and thousands of starfish have washed ashore. Further along he [..]

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Positive Living – Painful Beginning

Several years ago I said to myself, “Life has got to be better than this.” My life became a burden to me. I couldn’t enjoy the blessings of [..]

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Positive Living

We need to build our tomorrows today.  The simple fact is, we build our futures on what we do today. Our life today reflects our intentions, attitudes, behaviors, [..]

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My Apologies

I need to apologize to my readers for not writing for the last few months. My blog was being spammed.  Trying to prevent spam I locked myself out [..]

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Memorial Pet Portraits

Nothing is more comforting than having a picture of your beloved pet companion in a peaceful, heavenly surrounding. will help you create a beautiful memorial portrait of [..]

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