The Skeleton Woman

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Once there was a fisherman who found a hidden cove with deep cold water. Excitedly, he though, ‘I have this cove all to myself,’ So he cast his line and waited.

The hook dropped down into the deep cold water and drifted across the floor until it caught. Above, the fisherman felt the tug and pull on his line. Furiously, he reeled the line in with great anticipation.

The skin of the water broke and out emerged the Skeleton Woman. In horror the fisherman fell back as the Skeleton Woman emerged from the water and strode towards him. She was ghastly to look upon, her eyes were dark blank sockets, her skeletal smile revealed long yellow teeth, her bald head was filled with crustaceans and sea worms were dangling from her nose holes.

Terror filled him and he began to run. He ran and ran until he could no longer run. He finally stopped and sat down. The Skeleton Woman gently sat down beside him. Hesitantly, he looked at her again and saw that she was shivering so he draped his coat around her. Because he was so tired he fell into a deep sleep.

When he awoke the next morning the Skeleton Woman transformed into a beautiful woman who was gently stroking his brow. In a soft melodious voice she thanked him for saving her from the icy depths of her prison and vowed to love and care for him the rest of her life.

So often we run from the undesirable traits we find in our loved ones. If we can learn to love and accept our loved ones for who they are then they will be able to reveal their deepest beauty.

We see this demonstrated in elderly couples who are deeply in love and devoted their lives to each other.

We must remember deep inside us all is a skeleton.


The Inuit Folk Lore Tale of the Skeleton Woman

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