The Bonds Of Laughter.

baffin island peopleImagine, that you live in an environment where half of the year you live in freezing temperatures and total darkness.  You and your entire family survival depends on the bond you have with your tribe.

For thousands of years the Inuit people of Baffin Island have lived this way. They have learned that laughing is the best way to bond and having strong bonds means the survival of the tribe.

Tribal chiefs or the family patriarch’s use laughter to create a more receptive environment amongst their subordinates.  They know the more laughter the more bonding occurs thus controlling the emotional environment of the group makes the whole group more agreeable to each other and the task at hand.

How do we benefit from social laughter?  From previous examples we know that laughter strengthens our relationships and creates team work.

Laughter draws you to it.  Having a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive attributes a person can have.  Laughing communicates to people that you are well adjusted and able to cope with problems in life in a positive way.

Unknowingly, we gravitate to people who laugh.  We all love the extra charge of energy we feel after a good laugh.  Would it be a surprise to know the people who laugh are the most popular in a social setting?  Laughing makes you look good.  How many times have you heard a smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear?

Another wonderful saying is, “laughter is like a good medicine.”  Laughter has the ability to bring your mind into focus, body into balance and place you in a good mood.  A neuroscience discovered nothing stimulates the brain as fast as hearing laughter.

The Inuit people believe their traditions of laughter was the key to their survival.  An Inuit child is taught to play laughing games.  The Inuit traditional laughing games stretch back thousands of years. When the community gathers they play these games. Inuit woman 2


One of these games are the Inuit Folk Music or Throat Sing.  Throat sing is a complex rhythmic hums made in the throat that must be imitated by the competitor to.  Beings it is very hard to describe I have included a short video clip of Inuit Throat Sing.

Many of recognize the Inuit game of trying not to laugh when someone is staring at you. This game is play with the entire tribe present which adds to the fun. These people believe the “white culture” is to serious and as one Inuit woman states, “Being too serious is not good for you, you are not going to survive.”

These hardy people teach us that we need to laugh. So the next time you are with family and friends laugh and don’t stop.

I love to surround myself with things that make me laugh.  I got such a charge out of this video I had to watch it over and over.  Tell me how many times you had to watch this.

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