Self Harm


“ Went to the beach the other day, for the first time since I was a child, I didn’t wear shorts or anything to cover up, this is a massive deal for me, I hate my body even without the scars, I believe I am fat and disgusting but, I pushed through the major anxiety, shaking and almost crying and made it to the water. Its a big deal, I did it. This took a whole lot of courage to post..”  Facebook post, author unknown.

self mutalation

My heart aches for this beautiful young woman who mutilates her body.  Her mental and emotional pain causes her to do this to herself.   Normally, she would hide the cuts and scars on her body likes she hides her pain.  Exposing herself demonstrates the desire to stop hiding from her pain and start dealing with it.  One by one she will bravely face her fears and her pain as a result her self-mutilation will stop.

Many of us do not cut ourselves; however, we have other vices we use.  Many, myself included, use food to comfort and numb our mental and emotional pain. My mother escaped through love novels.  For hours on end my husband’s brother-in-law is on Play Station, neglecting his wife and family in an attempt to block out life’s disappointments and frustrations.

Self harm is pain expressing itself.  Undiagnosed depression and anxiety are often the causes for this harmful behavior.  Seek professional help.  Self harm is a mental illness.  Statistic show 40 to 60% of suicide victims practice self harm.  A good therapist will help teach you how to recognize your triggers and give you the needed skills to deal with the problems as they arise.

If you are unable to afford a therapist there are many wonderful self-help books which address the problems you have.  Journaling is a wonderful tool to help you recognize what is bothering you and what triggers you.  Actualizing your pain through words instead of self harm.   Talking to a trusted friend or family member helps.  Seeking help from God through prayer and meditation.

If you self harm remember you are not alone. Trying to hide this problem won’t make it go away.   We all need each other so please seek help.

For more understand on self harm please see video below.




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