Even Heroes Need A Hero


When work impacts the life of first responders where do they go, who helps them?  In the past Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was associated with military personal.  Now our society is recognizing the disorder in our first responders.

What is PTSD? Wikipedia sates, “PTSD is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.”  Although the symptoms of PTSD are numerous here are a few: difficulty is staying asleep, flash backs, avoidance of stimulus, anger, isolation, sense of a limited future and loss of interest in normal activities.

Our first responders seem larger than life, strong and brave not someone who would suffer from hellish visions they seen from past rescues.  They themselves have a hard time admitting they are suffering.   They don’t feel understood by family and friends so they begin to isolate themselves. Often self prescribing drugs.

So how do we help? Know the symptoms of PTSD and if you suspect your loved one is suffering from it get help immediately.  The sooner PTSD is confronted the easier it is to overcome it.

Look for a mental health professional who is trained in working with PTSD.  You can ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist with experience working with PTSD.

I love how this video demonstrates a hero helping a hero.

If you have trouble downloading video please click on link below.


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