Heroes Around Us

Boston Marathon-Explosions

It is so easy to focus on all the violence, destructiveness humanity is doing. Even though this makes a resounding impact on our lives we must not over look the many acts of selfless kindness, heroism, sacrifices and love that follows these acts.

Now more than ever we all need to shout out praise for those who are making a difference.  We need to get behind the first responders, the nurses, doctors and all those who extend a hand in compassion and love.

Instead of defining a hero as a singer, movie star or athlete let’s  us all redefine what a hero is.  Anyone who acts out of love.

Our pets are a perfect example of heroes around us.  No matter what circumstances our pets are in they are always looking out for us.  This video is a perfect demonstration of that.


If the video doesn’t play please click on this link below.


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