Paw Prints On My Heart

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Paw Prints On My Heart

 You came into my life one day,

So beautiful and smart,

My dear and sweet companion,

I loved you from the start.

And though I knew the time would come,

When we would have to part,

You’ll never be forgotten,

You left paw prints on my heart.

Losing our pet changes our lives.  Life’s cadence is interrupted.  Like a gaping hole a piece of our life is noticeable gone and we begin to grieve.  Friends and family misunderstand the gravity of our loss causing more pain.  The comfort we so often sought from our pet companion is gone and our heart aches.

Mourning the loss of a pet companion is as important as mourning the loss of any one.  We have to allow ourselves to grieve.  Crying helps us acknowledge our pain.

Feelings of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are the five stages of grief.  You and you love ones will be experiencing extreme emotions.  Understanding where you and your family are in the stages of grief will help you deal with these emotions.

Please note the five stages of grief are not linear.  Often we go from one to another and back again. This is how we learn to cope and live with our loss.

Talk to someone who understands.  Share your memories, your feelings of loss and your grief.  This will be very comforting.

Here are two excellent websites where you can go and talk to other people who are mourning the loss of their pet companion as well.

Please feel free to share stories of fond memories of your pet with us.  If you need someone to talk to please email me at:  I am a good listener.

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