Get 10% off all pet memorial products this April.

Get 10% off all pet memorial products this April.  Please use Code PM10. 

Promotion ends May 1, 2013.  Here are some great products.

PS-32-HPhoto Series Heart Pet Cremation Urn PS-32-8

This beautiful hardwood pet urn comes in six sizes and has three different photo shapes oval, heart and paw print.  You can add names, dates, paw prints and poems to personalize and create a beautiful memorial of your pet companion.  For a little extra you can add a memory chest to store precious mementos.  The pet urn in the picture cost $90.00.  Is American made with free shipping.


Tuxedo Short Hair CAtTuxedo Short Hair Cat shc-0506

Any pet owner will find our beautiful sculptured urns comforting as well as pleasing. Our breed specific custom pet urns are designed as sculptures to provide a discrete, personal, and dignified way to honor your beloved pet.

These beautiful sculptured urns are a wonderful way to keep the memory of your beloved pet close to your side. They are table top size and will look appealing in any home or office. These sculptured pet urn are emotionally comforting with their-life like vibrancy. They truly are a stunning memorial of your pet.

This is an award-winning meticulously crafted, breed specific sculpture, made to look like your pet. Custom painting and eye-color options are available. You can order a velvet cremation pouch and name tag. We have 9 dog breeds to choose from and 7 cat breeds.

This Tuxedo Short Hair Cat Urn cost $195.00.  It is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

CS 102 CW-04406My Companion With Dachshund Black


I will never let you go. Stephan Canneto’s “My Companion” pet urn demonstrates that in our heart we will always be holding our beloved pet. This is a beautiful pet urn that is highly detailed and made of cultured wood, a sculpture of loving hands holding a pet Dachshund gently forever.



Each piece has been cast from Stephan Canneto’s original sculpture using the “lost wax” method. This pet urn is cast in resin and has a cultured wood finish. Once cast a hand applied finish creates unique variations in the color and texture of the individual urn. This is an exclusive production by the renown artist Stephan Canneto and the urn has been signed and numbered by by him.

 We carry 9 different dog breeds. This urn cost $360.  Is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

Heart-marker-series-8x8 B Loving Heart Pet Grave Marker 


This is a beautiful highly detailed polished granite memorial plaque or pet grave marker and it is 2” thick.  It makes a wonderful memorial for any garden, park and looks beautiful in a pet cemetery. It is designed to lay flat and comes in 2 different sizes 12”L x 12”W and 8”L x 8”W.

On this memorial plaque or pet grave marker we can engrave a picture of your loved one, name and dates.  This will make a wonderful long-lasting memorial.

This beautiful grave marker cost $201.95.  It is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

Crystal Imaging PhotographyCrystal Diamond Photo Memorial

This balancing diamond-shaped crystal is stunning.  We will transform your favorite photo into a 3D image, laser engraved into a large crystal resting on a wooden piano finished light base. To truly showcase this amazing memorial we illuminate the crystal as it balances on a wooden base of classic black or rosewood.

This astounding memorial comes in 3 sizes, Small – 2.5”x 2.5”x2.5” – 2lb, Medium – 3.25”x3.25”x3.25” – 4lb,   Grand – 4”x4”x4” – 7lb.

This also makes a unique and lasting gift. This crystal memorial will be cherished by you and all your loved ones. Your crystal will be packaged in our velvet-lined gift box.

This crystal cost $109.00.  It is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

Browse through our selection of crystals at:

My cherished paw print plaqueCherished Paw Plaque

Our hand and their paws are always touching. We cherish the close relationship we have with our pets. That is why brings you the “Cherished Pet Paw Prints Plaque.”

This memorial plaque captures the shape, texture and the intricate characteristics of your pet’s paw.

You can actually feel the lines, little bumps on each pad and even touch the swirl of the fur on their paw. It is such a wonderful way to hold their paw forever.

The finished paw print comes in three different metallic finishes bronze, pewter and copper. The plaques are 7” x 9” which includes a 4” x 6” photo holder. The plaque comes in five different finishes cherry, oak, mahogany, marble black and matte black.

Each Cherished Pet Paw Prints casting is handmade and packaged by with great care and exceptional attention to detail.

The casting material is US veterinarian approved. Impression material is non-toxic to humans and pets alike. It is easy to use. We send you a pliable casting material that you knead in your hand until soft. You then press your pets paw into the material and send it back to us. The casting material will never dry out. If you are not happy with the first impression just re knead and cast the paw again. It’s easy and simple.

This treasured plaque cost $80.  It is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

darkpawMemory Vessel

Memory Vessel is a unique piece of keepsake jewelry. Made of Rhodium it has a hidden USB flash drive which holds pictures, videos or voice recordings. This beautiful piece of jewelry  has two compartments to store crushed flowers, cremated remains, locks of hair, bits of fur or any personal remembrance that keeps your memories close.

This beautiful memorial pendant cost $195.  It is made in the United States of America and has free shipping.

Please take advantage of this 10% off special and browse through our beautiful pet memorial products.  Please go to



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