What Would I Give

What I Would Give

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Memoralize a person, their life, their love with a beautiful composition.   Working with the artist, you now can create a beautiful and unique portrait or memorial of you or your loved one by combining two or more pictures to make a composition. If you do not a have an appropriate background picture the artist will try to find one for you.


Here are some composition ideas.

  A sports field and a coach.

 Your loved one with their trophy/ies.

 A pastor and his church.

 A teacher and her school or students.

 An artist with a collage of his/her works.

 An musical instrument and musician.

 A mother surround by her children.

 A father surround by his children.

 A farmer imposed over his farm, fields or livestock.

 A craftsman working on his craft with an portrait over imposed.

 A garden with the gardener over imposed.


You will be working directly with the artist through phone calls and e-mails to create the composition.

The artist can do a little touch ups to the photo, such as removing a wrinkle, blemish, spots or some dust spots, remove bends or tares on the picture. Together with the artist you will choose a background. The artist may suggest some special affects. The artist will then lift the subject from the original picture and place it on the chosen background and create a new picture. Additional people (subjects) can be added to create a composition.

A final e-mail will be sent for your approval before the portrait is sent to our professional photo lab. All Prints Are Processed By A Professional Photo Lab on high quality photo paper.



 Artist Fee: $11 for first subject portrait.

(Additional $2.00 per additional subject)

Professional Photo Lab Fee: $7.00

Price of Print is extra.


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