That One Peculiar Relative

Almost every family has at least one “Uncle Emile” in it.  You know, that one family member of yours that Hollywood could make a great move of.  Peculiar people run in my family but Uncle Emile stands out the most.

Uncle Emile was one of the most loving souls I had ever known and his family met everything to him. He worked in the gold mines of Deadwood, South Dakota most of his life. On the weekends he and his family drove 45 miles to his brother’s 200 acre farm 7 miles east of Newell, South Dakota.  His brother which was my grandfather suffered from severe arthritis so uncle Emile worked alongside my grandmother helping her with the crops, milking, irrigating and haying.

Even though uncle Emile worked 7 days a week he never lost his love for life and the ability to have fun and it showed. He had twinkling pure blue eyes which and disappeared when he smiled.  He was always smiling.  Like W.C Fields he had a ball at the end of his nose.  Long tight-curly gray hair fringed his bald head which was covered by a straw cowboy hat.  His open shirt revealed the protruding roundness of his pot belly and resting on the gray hair of his chest was gold chains.  The pockets hung out of his cut off shorts and his long hairy legs were covered by thigh high irrigation boots.  My teenage uncle, from the other side of the family, reported that he would smoking pot with him.  My siblings and I adored him.


Uncle Emile and Joe.

Uncle Emile and Joe.


It’s A Matter Of Perspective

My dignified,  proud father once shared with me that all he ever wanted was a boy.  He told me waited and waited and after 6 girls he finally got his boy. Then dad hung his head and saddly said,  “…and he is just like Uncle Emile.”

Uncle Emile was on my mother’s side of the family.

Our family laughs so hard about this it brings tears to our eyes.  Dad was right, my brother has the same twinkling eyes, tight curly hair and he loves life. It is a matter of perspective on whether your relative is peculiar or just a wonderful unique individual who enriched your life.

I would love for you write and share with us a story on your peculiar relative.

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