Loosing A Pet

All to often I hear people say or write about how devastated they are over the loss of their pet.  Many people don’t understand that they need to allow themselves to grieve. Loosing a pet companion is as hard has loosing a family member.  loss of pet

It is also important to recognize the emotions we go though as we grieve. It helps us understand why we are feeling the way we are.



These emotions are:

 Denial,              It makes no sense.

Anger,                You are angry at everything and everyone.

Bargaining,     Becoming lost in a maze of “Only if.”

Depression,    Withdraw from life and feeling as you are in a fog.

Acceptance,    Creating a new normal.

The stages of grief are not linear. One can go from one to another in no direct order.  Often going through the stages several times.

One never gets over or heals from the loss of a pet companion we just learn how to go on and adjust our lives living with out our beloved companion.  Talking to a sympathetic friend or family member will help with the overwhelming feelings of loss.

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