Sharing Memories Through Pictures

I love pictures and through the years I have accrued many.  One thing I absolutely hate to do is to put them in a box never to be seen again.

Our old pictures tell us where we were, what we have done and ultimately who we are.  They are a story of our life.  Why put them away?

We don’t want to be like our grandmothers who have pictures everywhere.  Wonderful pictures but they are fading due to the light (UV rays) shining on them.  So what do we do with our beautiful old 8x10s and 5×7 pictures?  I put mine in a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking 8×10 and 5×7 are simple since they are so large. The best part is after you have scrapbooked them you have a beautiful album your family and friends will love to thumb through.

Here are a few simple ideas on scrapbooking your 8×10 and 5×7 pictures.

Let the scrapbook paper do most of the work.  Purchase a book of scrapbook paper that coordinates with the colors in your pictures then buy plain card stock paper that matches the scrapbook you just bought.

In the pictures below you can see the scrapbook paper I chose matches the colors in the clothes.  I then mounted the 8×10 picture on blue card stock.  This acts as a frame which seems to lifting the picture off the back ground.  I then placed two embellishments on the picture to add interest.  When adding embellishments remember they should touch the picture so your eyes stay focused on the picture not the embellishment.

Me and my husband.
Me and my husband.


This picture has a lot to look at so I kept the page simple. The scrapbook paper reflects the nature aspect of the picture but doesn’t compete with the picture.  When my family looks at this picture they will always remember how my son picked and teased his father into smiling.  This is the son directly behind my husband.

My family.
My family.

As you can see in this next picture below I used the theme of the scrapbook paper and picture to create the embellishments  I hand cut the flowers and petals.  Then printed out the title.

My daughter.
My daughter.

When scrapbooking use what you have around the house.  From buttons to bottle caps you will be amazed what you can use for embellishments  I also love going to craft stores and looking at their embellishments.

This next picture I used twine, buttons and an one embellishment.  Craft glue held it all together.  Please note, use archival scrapbook tape for your pictures so the acid won’t damage your pictures.



Remember this is your picture crop it however you want to.




I have been collecting quotes for years and I love using them on my scrapbook pages.  I printed this quote out on velum paper to avoid distracting from the page.

My husband and sons.
My husband and sons.


It is okay to crop out unneeded portions of the picture.  I hand made the flowers and leaves and printed the quote.

Me and my children.
Me and my children.

An important part about scrapbooking is self expression.  Use your favorite quotes, poems and art work. Allow the scrapbook reflect who your are.

I made a water color picture of morning glories (one of my favorite flowers) then with an exact o knife I cut around the flower and inserted the picture of my daughter and myself. 011


This next picture is of my dad’s military career. On velum I wrote a little about dad’s career, mounted it and his picture on blue card stock and patriotic paper. Then had the local craft store cut out his name and I pasted it to the top of the page. This made a simple and beautiful memorial.012

Again with the next two pictures I used what I had around the house.  I took plain cream card stock dampened it and crumpled it.  Spread it out, tore the edges, let it dry then chalked it. Mounted it on black card stock along with my picture and pasted on the father and mother embellishment.  This was a lot of fun to do and the beautiful textured paper draws you eyes to the picture.013



When you buy a book of scrapbook paper often you will get two or three of the same print. On this next picture, I again let the scrapbook paper do the work.  You can see certain parts of the flowers and butter flies are lifted off the page. I used 3D double sided tape. I took two of the same scrapbook paper one I used as the base the other I cut out the flowers and butter flies. Taped them to the base page with the 3D tape. I double mounted the picture and tied it all together by dotting out the butter flies flight.016


Scrapbooking is a lot of fun and doesn’t have to be complicated.  I would be happy to help any one with their scrapbook just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

In the future I will be giving out some dos and don’ts on scrapbooking.  Have fun creating and sharing your memories.



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