Sharing Family Memories

Our family memories are one of the greatest treasures we have.  Reflecting back upon those memories strengthens our bonds as a family.  This quote by the television show “The Wonder Years” best describes our memories.


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

My daughter and her son.

My daughter and her son.


In the up coming post I am going to write on different methods to record and share memories.

One of the most common way to share memories is through pictures.  The problem with pictures is they end up in a box stored away or left on the computer.  Occasionally they are dug out for viewing.

Several years ago my son bought me a digital picture frame and I love it.  Friends and family gather around the picture frame to talk and share their favorite memories.  Once an insurance man was so enraptured by my pictures that he had a hard time conducting business.  He laughed, asked questions and shared family stories of his own.  I know this is a common sales technique but he was totally distracted by the pictures on the digital frame.

My grandchildren especially love looking at the pictures.  It is a great for them to learn about their ancestors.

I purchased a 8GB smart card so I can have as many pictures as I want on my digital picture frame.  It takes a little computer know how but it is not difficult to continue to add your favorite pictures through out the year.

Digital picture frames come in many shapes and sizes. The price of a digital picture frame depends on the size.  They make wonderful gifts.

digital picture frames


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