Christmas Scrapbook

I love receiving Christmas Cards with their cheery holiday messages and the once a year news letter. I especially like Christmas post cards. It is a wonderful way to tell friends and family you love them and are thinking about them.  But what do you do with the news letters, cards and picture postcards after the holiday season is over?  I love to scrapbook them and it is so easy.

I cut the holiday sayings and pictures off the cards. This gives me a lot of material to work with. Using a black paper scrapbook and the picture postcards it is quick and easy to create page.  I like to frame every item in color paper so it will stand out. I draw pictures on the black paper with colorful gel pens. Sometimes I will write a story and add other pictures to the page to convey a message about the person who sent me the picture postcard. The news letter can be used as a main focal point as well.

Next Christmas you will have a beautiful Christmas scrapbook to display and you will be amazed how your family and friends change year to year.







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