The Perfect Family Memory

Is that title a misnomer? Anyone who has ever had a family knows that no matter how perfect an event is planned something goes wrong.

We all think that a wedding should be a perfect family event; however, the biggest family dramas always take place at a wedding. That is why Hollywood has made so many movies about weddings. What about the birth of a baby or a funeral. Nope, still a lot of family drama.

So what does this all add up to. Your family or my family, they are not perfect but they are our family.

No one loves us more than our family. Cherish the imperfect memories along with the perfect ones. Those memories make us who we are.

I wanted to share some video of another perfect not so perfect family where the dad edited out the imperfect parts and named the video. The only things these children are going to remember is when they made paper ships and sailed them with their dad.  In the long run that is all we remember anyway.

“How video technology can help you revise your life and remember only the beautiful and fun parts.”

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