Mom’s Request

Creating beautiful memorials is very important to me.  Creating memorials is simply preserving today’s memories.  A few months ago my mom called me and asked me to offer fingerprint jewelry on my website  She had seen someone in her bereavement group wearing one and wished she had a fingerprint of dad’s.  Unfortunately it was too late to get dad’s fingerprint.

Since my mom felt it was important to make fingerprint jewelry available I am glad to announce that now offers beautiful fingerprint jewelry. The jewelry comes in many types and styles and each piece of jewelry is custom-made per your order. You can personalize the jewelry with one or more fingerprints, a baby’s hand print or footprint. A love note in your handwriting can be added or engrave a name or saying. If desired you can work with the artist and create a shape or style of your own design. A birthstone can be added for that extra special personalization.

Please come and check out fingerprint jewelry. I am sure we have a style or can create a design you like. Fingerprint jewelry makes a wonderful gift.  It is sure to become a family heirloom.



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