Family Costume Party

One way to create a special family memory is to have a family costume party.  I especially like  when everyone in the family plays a part of a theme.

One year I decided to have a  family “hillbilly” costume party.  I wanted the party to be the main focus so I kep the meal simple with chili and corn bread. I purchased some cheep make up at the dollar store and asked everyone to dress up as a hillbilly.  Plaid shirts, torn jeans, hats on backwards, handkerchiefs, old boots and hats were the clothes that were used. My husband’s closet supplied a lot of this. Once dressed we took turns applying make up to create false beards, missing teeth and uni-brows.

Once we were all in costume every one played their part of being a hill billy. The whole family was surprised when my husband’s mother and father got into costume. My father-in-law dressed up in his chore hat and overalls and brought his pitch fork and my mother-in-law wore fake teeth. This was so uncharacteristic of them it made the part that much more fun.

I took some great pictures and to this day my family still loves those pictures and talking about what a wonderful time we had.

Here are some more family costume party themes:

The Adam’s Family

Super Heroes

Scooby Doo and the gang

Cowboys and Indians

Disney princess

Witches and warlocks

The Flintstones


Your Favorite scary movie villain.

Decade party such as 50’s 60’s etc..

Pimps and hoes

Toga party

Bikers and babes


Please share the pictures of your family costume party with us.


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