The Little Nag

Clocks, they are everywhere, on my wall, my phone, my computer and my wrist.  I know

My Little Nag

what time it is however; at 4:45 in the evening I hear the clicking of my little nag’s paws as she comes to tell me it is time to quit work. At first she will sit next to me and stares at me. I ignore her. Then she starts to nag. The sound is a little between a whine and a growl. I say, “what?” I don’t want to quit working. Soon her wet nose is lifting my hand off the keyboard, nudging, nudging, nudging. That normally works but if I really have to finish a project I try to push her away. When she has had enough she gets between me and the keyboard and jumps onto my lap. I give up. My work day is over.

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