My Best Friend

Sadie and Sophie cuddle in the hay during calving season.

What could be more wonderful than being five yrs old and having a big wonderful ranch to explore and live on. Having a dog to share it with. Actually, it was grandpa’s dog. Sophie is a cattle dog who never took to working cattle. The poor dog had no job to do until Sadie came into the family. There was love upon first sight of each other.  Sophie followed Sadie around and Sadie could talk of nothing else but Sophie.

A child’s first love for a pet is magical. One never forgets the love they had for their first pet. When I first seen the Cherished Paw Plaque I had to carry it on my website  I look for products that will help my customers preserve and hold on to precious memories.  I had to get one for my grand-daughter as well.  The product is a wooden plaque which has a clear acrylic frame and a 3D paw sculpture.

The 3D paw itself is an actual replica of Sophie’s paw. The 3D paw print was very easy to do. Once ordered you receive an impression kit in the mail. The kit contains a pliable putty which you press your pets paw into. You bake the impression and send it back to the company.  In about 2-3 weeks your 3D paw plaque arrives in the mail.

If you would like more information on the Cherished  Paw Plaque please go to this link.


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