The Animal Lover

Some people have a unique love for animals.  While growing up I always wondered why my sister had such a great empathy for all animals.  Even after she was bit by a dog and had to have rabies shots she still loved animals.  I now have a sister-in-law that once said she would rather have animals than children.  She now has both.


My sister with her beloved dog Shadow.

As my beloved pets died, I turned to my two sisters for the support and comfort I needed.  They were the only two people in my life that understood that when I lost my pet I lost a family member.  They helped me grieve.  When I began searching for a new pet they were as excited for me as if I was having a baby. They fussed over my new pet as if it was my baby.


I want to say thank you to all the animal lovers and to acknowledge their gift with this video I have included below.  This video helps demonstrate how animal lovers help us and our planet.


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