The Things We Do For Love

Ugh! No way! Don’t take my picture! Has a loved one ever told you that?  It is so sad to look at family pictures and never see a certain love one because they wouldn’t allow their picture to be taken.

If you are guilty of this remember we don’t take pictures for ourselves but for our loved ones.  A picture is not just an image it is a memory.  It is important to preserve our memories of all our loved ones. Your loved one doesn’t see you as fat or ugly they see you as a cherished loved one.  Allow them to take your picture.

If you are truly self conscious of your looks practice posing in a mirror.  YouTube has many wonderful videos that will show you how to pose yourself for pictures.  I have included a YouTube video below that demostrates how to pose.

Find out what angle and height the camera should be to create the most flattering picture of yourself.  A good photographer will already know this but an armature need directions.

If you see a picture that is so unflattering grit your teeth and say to yourself, “The Things We Do For Love.”

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