Pets Are Good For Your Health

Many pet owners know that being around their pet makes them feel better.  Pets not only make us feel better but improve our health.

It only takes a few minutes being with our pets and our anxiety begin to calm.  Our cortisol levels begin to drop and the production of serotonin takes over.  We then begin to feel a sense of well-being.  The act stroking your pet has been proven to lower blood pressure.  Studies have shown that pets owners are less likely to die of cardiac disease.

Therapist have been known to prescribe a pet as a way to deal with and recover from depression.  A pet provides unconditional love.  A pet will let you talk as long as you want, make you laugh and will always be glad to see you.  Caring for a pets needs also helps a person focus on something other than their own needs and makes them feel better about themselves.

People who own dogs are tend to be more active.  Taking you dog for a 30 minute walk helps you get the minimum  recommended exercise for a healthy life style.  Playing with you dog will also make you more active and provide endless entertainment.

Researchers have found children growing up in a home with pets have fewer allergies.  Same is true for children living on farms with large animals. Their immune system is stronger than those who grow up with out a pet.

Dogs have a natural ability to sense chemical changes in their owners.  One in every three dogs have shown the ability to sense the sudden drop in the levels of glucose in the blood alerting their owners to eat something to avoid an emergency. Some dogs can alert an epileptic before they have a seizure.   Dogs are now being trained to detect certain types of cancers.

Children with ADHD benefit from working and keeping a pet.  Taking care the needs of a pet will help the child focus and learn the importance schedules.  Pets need to play and playing is great way to release energy.

Sensory issues are common among autistic children.  Dogs and horses have been used to help these children get used having something against their skin.  The animals have a calming effect on the children as well has held their attention.

Pets will improve the health of the elderly.  Pets give love and friendship which decrease the feeling of being isolated and a lone.  They provide the elderly with a sense of being needed a purpose for life which increases their lifespan and quality of life.

Any pet owner will be able to tell you how their pet has improved their overall health and increased their quality of life.  Before getting a pet be sure that you are able to take care of their needs and be a responsible pet owner.




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