If I Only Had My Camera

How many times have we missed a great shot and said that.  Even though my mother and I argue about this, I keep one of my cameras on my island counter in the kitchen/morning room.  This way I never miss a good picture. My family knows where it is and grabs it to take pictures as well.  We have many precious moments captured because the camera is readily available.






This is an perfect example of having your camera ready. This picture is of my 22 month old granddaughter one morning just after she got out of bed.  I never want to forget her messy bed head, rosy cheeks, pink pajamas clutching her blanket and dolly.







This picture will be added to my Memory Vessel necklace I have for her. It has two compartments in which I added a lock of her baby hair. She can fill the other compartment with a memento. To see other Memory Vessels please click on this link.  http://www.finememorialurns.com/MemoryVessel


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