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The Last Kiss

This moment will never be forgotten. My dying father waited to for my daughter and I to bring his new great-grandson to him before he died. This was [..]

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The Photographer’s Legacy

People want a photographer to make them look better than real life. Seniors want to look like a fashion models. Brides want fairy tales. A photographer is not [..]

Creating Memories

Missing Opportunities.

I love to take pictures especially of my family.  I have 8 grandchildren so as you can imagine I take lots of pictures. One mistake that I have [..]

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If I Only Had My Camera

How many times have we missed a great shot and said that.  Even though my mother and I argue about this, I keep one of my cameras on [..]

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Who is Behind the Camera

Have you ever noticed the person behind the camera rarely gets their picture taken?  It comes down to this, the person in the family that has the least [..]

Mourning A Loved One

That Wasn’t So Hard

I went out into the country to do a photo-shoot for a ranching family.  The land has been in the family for 4 generations and they wanted to [..]

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Don’t Take My Picture

As a plus size woman, I must confess, I hate my picture being taken.  Even though I tell my clients, “You don’t take pictures for yourself but for [..]

Mourning A Loved One