Making a Memorial

I have written a lot about making beautiful memorial pictures.  Now lets talk about how to make those pictures into a beautiful memorial. A picture presentation on a USB is my favorite memorials.  DVD’s are great for memorial presentations but with a USB you can add pictures to and edit the presentation as needed.

I sell some beautiful memorial USB necklaces on my website There are so many things you can do with these necklaces.

They make a wonderful gift for weddings. What better gift to give the bride and groom than a picture presentation of their life, courtship and engagement to show at their wedding. After the wedding they can add more pictures to continue recording of their life story.

These beautiful Memory Vessels are great for births, graduations, anniversaries any meaningful person, event or pet you want to memorialize

With the technology we have today we should have a recording of our loved ones laugh, smile and hear them tell their favorite funny story one more time. There is nothing more cherished than this after they have grown up and left home or passed away.

The Memory Vessel does have a small container that can hold a lock of hair, crushed flowers or bits of fur.

All Memory Vessels are now $20 off the original price.  For more information on Memory Vessels please click on link or go to

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