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The Photographer

When you do go to a photography studio make sure your photographer takes time to get to know you and your family.  Photography is a business but most importantly [..]

Mourning A Loved One

Making a Memorial

I have written a lot about making beautiful memorial pictures.  Now lets talk about how to make those pictures into a beautiful memorial. A picture presentation on a USB [..]

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Life’s Story Told by the Hands

When taking pictures don’t forget to take a picture of the hands.  A picture of the hands will portray who that person is. Strong callused hands tell the [..]

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The Last Photo

My mother-in-law only has one snap shot of her father.  For a memorial picture at his funeral the best the family could do was to cut out the [..]

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My Father’s Memorial Picture

I am a very creative person and I am always making something.  Being very sentimental I like to do things that will tell a past story of one [..]

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