Letting Go

Your heart is bursting, searing with pain

That physical touch never to be had again

You only let them go because you so clearly care

         They might not be here but they are surely up there

You feel  the pull and the tear of your heart

You feel torn inside and ripped apart

The enormity of choosing what best to do

It was done with your love, as they looked to you

We don’t enter into this without thought or care

We do it because the compassion is there

The choice to stop pain and distress of the one we love

Can only be guided by you and the angels above

Many spirits have come through and given me their word

Your tears of sorrow and distress they heard

But they are free and happy and hold no ill will

Whatever was wrong could not have been cured with a pill

The height of pain is a measured device

It shows how deeply you felt throughout their life

With your love given for this most selfless act

They at least left this earth with their heart intact

Now up yonder and free to roam

This is another level, like a new home

The day will come when you go up there too

They’re ready and waiting to meet and embrace you

If you truly did this from your genuine heart

You were so brave and helped them depart

Your love and courage was seen from above

This really was your strongest act of love

If you could ask them now, what might they say?

“In my life, that was actually only one single day,

Please remember the rest, the joy, love and play,

For I look down from above and remember it that way.”

As time has passed you may at last feel some ease

Maybe a pet has come for you to please

Animals are not selfish and want you to share

They left that space for another needing your love and care

We are truly honored to share in their space

Think back and let that smile adorn you face

The precious time you had could never be measured

Your lasting memories are of those you truly treasured

Jackie and Rolf 2009

Taken from the book Jackie Weaver, The Animal Psychic, “eBook Story Selections from Celebrity Pet Talking Animal, Talking Tales, Animal Insight.”

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