Making Memories

Creating a beautiful memory of your loved one is something you can do anytime your together.  This Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to create and preserve a beautiful memory.

Most people dress up and take their mother out on Mother’s Day so it is a perfect time to take a picture of you and your mother together.  If no one is there to snap the picture extend your arm out, center the camera and click.  Keep trying until you get a good picture.  You and your mother will find yourselves laughing as you try to get the perfect shot.

Put the  picture in an illuminated crystal.  Your mother will cherish it forever. has beautiful illuminated crystals that your photo will be 3D laser engraved into it.  See pictures below.

Take a generational picture.  How many generations are present, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter?  There is 3 to 4 generations right there.  This picture will be cherished for many generations to come.

Make the generational picture look like a professional photographer took it.’s Create a Portrait will transform the background into a beautiful studio setting.  Nip and tuck a chin or arm line, erase a few wrinkles or moles no problem.  You , your mother and family will have a beautiful generational portrait.

This is the age of technology.  Video an interview of your mother or grandmother.  Ask them about their mother and father, their childhood, have them describe life back then.  There are so many things they can share.

My favorite question for them is to tell one of their favorite funny stories.  We have heard these stories hundreds of times but when they are gone we will want to hear it a hundred times again.  Don’t miss this opportunity to film them as their face lights up and they laugh when they tell their story. It’s priceless.

Preserve these memories on a 2 GB USB flash drive Memory Vessel® necklace. carries 5 different designs of these exquisite Memory Vessels®.

Post your great ideas on making a memory of your loved one.  Or share what you have done to preserve the memory of your loved one.

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