The Skeleton Woman

Skeleton woman 1


Once there was a fisherman who found a hidden cove with deep cold water. Excitedly, he though, ‘I have this cove all to myself,’ So he cast his line and waited.

The hook dropped down into the deep cold water and drifted across the floor until it caught. Above, the fisherman felt the tug and pull on his line. Furiously, he reeled the line in with great anticipation.

The skin of the water broke and out emerged the Skeleton Woman. In horror the fisherman fell back as the Skeleton Woman emerged from the water and strode towards him. She was ghastly to look upon, her eyes were dark blank sockets, her skeletal smile revealed long yellow teeth, her bald head was filled with crustaceans and sea worms were dangling from her nose holes.

Terror filled him and he began to run. He ran and ran until he could no longer run. He finally stopped and sat down. The Skeleton Woman gently sat down beside him. Hesitantly, he looked at her again and saw that she was shivering so he draped his coat around her. Because he was so tired he fell into a deep sleep.

When he awoke the next morning the Skeleton Woman transformed into a beautiful woman who was gently stroking his brow. In a soft melodious voice she thanked him for saving her from the icy depths of her prison and vowed to love and care for him the rest of her life.

So often we run from the undesirable traits we find in our loved ones. If we can learn to love and accept our loved ones for who they are then they will be able to reveal their deepest beauty.

We see this demonstrated in elderly couples who are deeply in love and devoted their lives to each other.

We must remember deep inside us all is a skeleton.


The Inuit Folk Lore Tale of the Skeleton Woman

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3 Dog Safety Rules for Children

untitledI love walking my standard schnauzer in the park. My dog loves all the smells and the change of scenery.  She also loves all the people she meets especially the children.  The children are naturally attracted to my dog, Misty. I have noticed many children do not know dog safety and I have become concerned these children may get bit by a dog that is not friendly like Misty.  When children run up to my dog I take time to go over dog safety rules with them. Ask First

Ask the dog’s owner if the dog is friendly and likes to be petted. A dog may be frightened fear-in-dogsand feel threatened if a child rushes up and begins petting it.  I explain to the child some dogs are not out going and don’t like strangers. So we never approach a strange dog, never look a dog in the eye and dogs don’t like hugs.  Parents need to explain some dogs are old, sick and have been abused. These dogs are the most likely to bite.

Approach Gently

Children are normally excited while playing in the park. High pitched whinny voices will get any dog excited and unpredictable. I always ask the children to talk softly and stand by her shoulder to stroke the back of her neck.

I like to take a moment to instruct the children never to allow their face to get close to a 662135cc552c5a3efda1e52119ea17eddog’s face. Never grab ears or tales. Treat the dog like they would like to be treated. No one wants to be mulled, tugged on or poked.

Read The Dog’s Body Language

This is a perfect time to talk to children about dog language. I show the children Misty’s has a wagging tail, relaxed body and perky ears. This is a perfect example of a happy dog.

Then I ask them to explain to me what a mad dog looks like. I usually get “growling” as an answer.  I explain  first thing to look at is the ears and tail of a dog.  Ears back, mouth closed, eyes staring and a tucked under tail is the first way to recognize an unfriendly dog. Do not approach and never run away from a dog, they will chase you.

Be Respectful

If the dog’s owner declines your request to pet their dog don’t be upset. They know their dog the best and don’t want to be liable for any thing that may occur. Remember most dog bites occur when well meaning children invade a dog’s space without knowing how to interact with the animal.

Please take time with your children to discuss dog safety rules. I have included a great kid friendly video on dog’s body language below.  Take time to watch it with them.

I have included a link on How to Handle a Dog Attack.

I also suggest this wonderful book that teaches your children about dog safety.  You can purchase it through Amazon.


“FRIENDLY” Green Color Coded 4 Foot Dog Leash (Known As Friendly) PREVENTS Accidents By Warning Others of Your Dog in Advance!

Color Coded Dog Leash PREVENTS Accidents By Warning Other of Your Dog in Advance! “Caution, No Dogs, Nervous, Blind, Deaf Dog,

“NERVOUS” Yellow Color Coded 4 Foot Dog Leash (Give Me Space) PREVENTS Accidents By Warning Others of Your Dog in Advance.

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Twitter’s New Amazon Cart


Life has just got easier! Twitter and Amazon have joined up with Amazon Cart. If you see a product on twitter you like, click on it. It will be in your Amazon cart.

Here is a quick video explaining how it works.

It is that simple.

Click on the icon below to down load this new twitter feature.

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Featured Artist, Steve Shannon

Steve Shannon collection 1

We are so happy to announce a new line of wood cremation urns, The Steve Shannon Collection. These beautiful segmented custom crafted cremation urns are exquisite with their varying wood grains, graceful contours and brilliant jeweled colors. Each segmented cremation urn has been custom crafted by the artist himself.

Steve with his dog Felice

Steve with his dog Felice

Steve Shannon’s love for wood-turning began in his High School’s woodworking class. Since then he as become Chicago’s most sought after woodturner. Many of his creations can be seen at the Art Space at Textures Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In spite of living with type I diabetes Steve has run in a number of marathons and triathlons. Becoming an inspiration for many to work through their obstacles to achieve their goals.


Here are a few of Steve’s beautiful urns.

Tear Drop Urn, limited edition hand signed and numbered by the artist. Tranquillity From the Endless Love Collection made with Padauk and Black Walnut wood. Peony from the Flower Petal Collection. Irish Collection, engraved with the celtic knot or Iona Cross Handcrafted black walnut pedestan and engrave brass nameplate. Artisian Series, hand painted landscape edged in gold leaf. Flower Pedal collection, pet urn.


Please come and browse through all of  Steve Shannon Collection.

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27 Short Videos That Will Make You Happy

Take a minute, or well, 7:09 to watch a video that will make you smile and show you how happy 3little things do make a difference.

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12 Ways to Make A Difference In Your Life and Others

starfish 2

The Starfish Story

A young man is walking along the ocean and sees a beach on which thousands and thousands of starfish have washed ashore.

Further along he sees an old man, walking slowly and stooping often, picking up one starfish after another and tossing each one gently into the ocean.

“Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?,” he asks.
“Because the sun is up and the tide is going out and if I don’t throw them further in they will die.”

“But, old man, don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it! You can’t possibly save them all, you can’t even save one-tenth of them. In fact, even if you work all day, your efforts won’t make any difference at all.”

The old man listened calmly and then bent down to pick up another starfish and threw it into the sea. “It made a difference to that one.”

We all can make a positive impact on our life as well as of others by doing the little things. And often it is the little things that make the greatest difference. Here are something’s that are often overlooked or taken for granted that will make a positive change in your life and others.

A smile not only makes you look good but it can brighten another persons day. Research has shown that smiling will put you in a good mood. So smile and change your day and others.

Take a moment and list all the things your are grateful for. It can be as simple as being able to fill your lungs with air, having a bed to sleep in every night, shelter, clothes, food, family. Thoughts of gratitude will change your out look on life.

Forgive yourself. We usually think forgiveness is what we do for others. Forgiving ourselves unlocks us from our past mistakes and failures. When this is done you will find it easier to forgive others, you will stop criticizing yourself and others and you become more of your authentic self. Living up to your full potential.

One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to laugh. I have written several post on the benefits of laughter. Click here to go to those post.

Caress a loved one or a pet for 5 minutes a day. Our bodies release healing endorphins when we are being touched or are touching someone else. Stroking a pet has the same benefits and the pet receives the same healing benefits as well.
We have forgotten how wonderful it feels to play. Get up, move and play. Playing is a great de-stressor, offers a chance to exercise and gives us a feeling of well being.

Give, the wealthiest people in the world always say that giving got them where they are today. Besides money there a many ways to give. Give always things you do use or need any more. Give your time and talent to others in need. Go the ‘second mile’ when you give. Feeling appreciated is vital for our mental wellbeing.

Pray and meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. There have been a multitude of studies done that have shown the benefits of prayer and meditation. Praying is where you talk to God and meditation is where you listen. Once you start talking to God don’t be surprised when you hear him talk back. Bring a tablet of paper with you when you pray and meditate and write down the things God tells you. If you have any questions go to my contact page and e-mail me. I have a lot of experience with this.

Exercise is an investment in oneself. Try to get at least 15 minutes a day.

Use both sides of your brain. An analytical persons use left side of the brain and a creative person uses right side of the brain. If you are analytical create something. If you are creative solve a puzzle. If you are not sure which is the most dominate do both. The one you have the most difficulty with is the weaker side of the brain. New neural pathways form in our brains when we do something challenging. This helps with problem solving.
Do something for the planet, pick up trash, plant a tree, recycle.

The last one may be the hardest one of all. At lease once a day look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
Please share your ideas on little things we can do to make a difference in our lives as well as others.

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Positive Living – Painful Beginning

Several years ago I said to myself, “Life has got to be better than this.”Broken Life

My life became a burden to me. I couldn’t enjoy the blessings of a growing family, a full-time job, friends and a wonderful husband. I was completely burned out.

Life had thrown me some curve balls but I always manage to keep a positive outlook on life until I was diagnosed with breast disease. I had to have a double mastectomy and a breast rebuild. Little did I know that the disease was my body’s way of telling me to quit taking care of everyone else and start taking care of myself.

After my operation and long painful recovery, I could no longer cope with the stresses of life and keep up a cheerful optimistic outlook.  Years went by, I gained weight and begin hating myself more and more. Soon I noticed my friends and children begin reflecting back to me how miserable I was. This became a vicious cycle of self loathing and not understanding why people were being so cruel to me.

Always being a spiritual person, I reached out to God. He brought me to a book written by,you can heal your life Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life.” I knew this book had the answers I needed.

I flew through the first part of the book.  The author’s ideologies were a little different than mine but they didn’t bother me. In the second part of the book she asked me to look into the mirror and say, “I love you.” I tried, I really, really tried but I found the person looking back at me with someone I loathed.

I thought it was ridiculous. In spite of my self-loathing I believed I loved myself, doesn’t everyone?  But doing the mirror affirmation was impossible.

I put the book down next to my chair, thinking I would pick it up again and read it. Years went by.  I looked at the book, sitting next to my chair, I would pick it up, read a little and put it down.   I felt like a sledgehammer was hitting my gut. She talked about loving myself and forgiving my childhood abuse and neglect. It was just too much.

Even though I could not deal with the concept of loving myself or forgiving my abusers, I began listening to spiritual programs on the Internet and I learned  about gratitude.

Gratitude was something that I could do. So I began to express gratitude in everything, my job, my marriage, my children and their spouses. I noticed life became brighter and a bit more happier.

I still suffered terribly when my children and their spouses would do cruel and hurtful things to me. Knowing that I would never fight back or defend myself. I was too afraid of losing them altogether. Instead I would sink in to a deep dark depressions.

My worst fears became true. My children cut me off. I felt like I lost my entire identity. I dedicated my  life to nurture, support, and care for my children. This punishment was almost too great to bear.

Desperately, I turned back to Louise L. Hay.  I still could not read her book but I began listening to her audiotapes on YouTube. Over and over again I would listen to Louise Hay’s, “101 Power Thoughts.”

I began to do them. I would do the mirror work and say the affirmations. After a couple of days I felt like I came out of a long dark storm into bright blue skies.

I will continue my story in my next blog.

 I want to share with you some affirmations that helped me.  Choose an affirmation that you feel you need to work or write it on a card and paste it on your mirror and as you look into your eyes say the affirmation.

I love you.

“In the infinity of life where I am,

all is perfect, whole, and complete.

“In the infinity of life where I am,

all is perfect, whole, and complete.

I am always Divinely protected and guided.

It is safe for me to look within myself.

It is safe for me to look into the past.

It is safe for me to enlarge my viewpoint of life.

I am far more than my personality –

past, present, or future.

I now choose to rise above my personality problems

to recognize the magnificence of my being.

I am totally willing to learn to love myself.

All is well in my world.”

I allow the love from my own heart to wash through me

and cleanse every part of my body. I know that I am worth healing.

Forgiveness of myself and others releases me from my past.

I am safe in the universe and all of life loves and supports me.

I believe in infinite abundance and all of my needs are met.

I have included Louise L. Hay’s “101 power thoughts.”

You can purchase, ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’  by Louise L. Hay from Amazon.  Click here .

 I created little cards of these affirmations for you to copy and print out.

All is well in my world_edited-1 Forgivness of my self and others_edited-1 I allow the love from my own heart_edited-1 I believe in infinte abundance_edited-1 I Love You_edited-1 In the infinity of where I am_edited-2

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Positive Living

We need to build our tomorrows today.  The simple fact is, we build our futures on what positive-attidtuewe do today.

Our life today reflects our intentions, attitudes, behaviors, thinking and actions of  the past.

 Positive living is a creative force that helps us develop tomorrow. I would like to dedicate the next several blogs to positive living.

 Personal development  is an investment we make in our self.  Not only is it a day to day event but sometimes a minute by minute reckoning with ourselves. It is a journey that will make you more aware of your self. Eliminating negative thinking and  negative life styles will help you create the life you want to be living tomorrow.

 “You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be different, you would be in the process of changing right now.” – Fred Smith

 I will be including quotes, mantra and some YouTube videos in each blog all dealing with positive living through personal growth.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peal is the progenitor of the positive living movement.  Many of our present-day authors such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Marianne Williams have all studied his principles of positive living.

 This five minute video tells us an amusing story and shows us how having a positive mantra will help us shape our future.

 You can purchase the book, “I Dare You!” By William H. Danforth at Amazon. The paperback is  $7.19 and the Kindle version is $.99.

 William H. Danforth’s affirmation.

I am a child of God. God has given me a good body.

God has given me a good mind.

God has put fresh air and good water

and wholesome food in the world for me.

I use many mantras throughout the day. When I am dealing with illness or a lack of self-esteem I say this affirmation to myself.

 I am whole, I am well and I am complete.

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My Apologies

I need to apologize to my readers for not writing for the last few months.

My blog was being spammed.  Trying to prevent spam I locked myself out of my blog. This was a great conundrum for me. I finally got my web hosting company to remove the block.

This was a great learning experience for me.

Since this has been resolved I will now continue to write the blogs that I hope will touch your life.


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Memorial Pet Portraits

Nothing is more comforting than having a picture of your beloved pet companion in a peaceful, heavenly surrounding. will help you create a beautiful memorial portrait of your pet.

Where did your pet love to be, was it in a park, running through a field, exploring in the woods or walking with you down a beautiful path.  We have multiple beautiful backgrounds to choose from.

You will be able to work with the artist to create a portrait that shows your pet doing what it loved. It will become a heartwarming memorial of the bond that abides in your heart.

Personalize the memorial portrait with names, dates and sayings. Choose one of our wonderful pet poems to add special meaning to your memorial portrait or use one of your own poems.

The poem can be framed in either a frayed parchment, beveled frame or no frame option.

Since you will be working with the artist through e-mails you can make changes to achieve the results you want.  The artist will extract the image of your pet from one picture and place it into the background you chose.  The poem, frame names and dates will then be added.

A copy of the portrait will then be sent to you through your e-mail for your approval or to be changed per your request.  A watermark will be placed on all pictures sent via e-mail.  This will be removed before it is sent to the professional printers.

Once the portrait has been approved by you it will be sent to our professional photo lab.  All our portraits are processed on  high quality Kodak Endura paper.

Upon request we offer additional print sizes, canvas wraps, metal plaques, mounting and framing.

Let your friend or family member know that you understand and feel deeply for their loss.  Giving a Memorial Pet Portrait is a wonderful way to show how deeply you care.

Please click here to view our beautiful Memorial Pet Portraits.

Sunny Meadow Rottwielder Pic dogs go to heaven-jpeg  Misty Tree German Shepherd The Last Battle poem

Sunlit Autum Lake I know dogs go to heaven-labSunlit Path I Loved You Best Golden Retriever

To see more pictures please click her to go to our Pet Portrait Gallery.

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